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    In order to guarantee the quality and the safety operation of the CNC machine tool equipment, after sales service measures according to the criterion of CNC machine tool industry are as follows:
    1. All the members serve for our client are trained to be familiar with our equipment.
    2. Salesmen shall visit our client occasionally (at least two times per year), collect the information about the product and service quality from our client and check our companys service.
    3. The goods shall be numbered and loaded well before delivery. The key parts shall be packed for safety and reliability to guarantee the smooth delivery. If there is anything wrong with transportation, we promise to replace for new ones or repair for free.
    4. We provide life-time warranty for all the products made by our company. We are available to come to spot on call within 24 hours, the far and inconvenient traffic situation within 72 hours to deal with all the problems timely and accurately.
    5. We will replace and regulate the components or quick-wear parts for free within warranty. Or we will charge the cost of component and labor at most favorable price with best service beyond warranty.
    6. After sales service will be executed according to GB/T19001-2008 idt, and ISO9001-2008 QMS to ensure safety production.

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